#Kolkata: The goal is to expand the team at the national level To that end, Mamata Banerjee’s final schedule at the end of the year is Mamata Banerjee. According to Trinamool sources, the Trinamool leader will visit Goa, Assam and Meghalaya within the Kolkata pre-poll (KMC Elections 2021). He is also scheduled to visit Darjeeling in the last week of the year

According to the schedule so far, the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee Goa Trip) will visit Goa on December 13. This is Mamata Banerjee’s second visit to the state after spreading grassroots organizations in Goa According to a top Trinamool leader, the West Bengal Chief Minister will try to reach out to more people in Goa this time as well. At the same time, he will try to bring to the notice of the people what will be the emphasis on bringing the grassroots to power in Goa. Mamata Banerjee will try to explain with the example of West Bengal that the aim of the grassroots is to establish good governance in Goa.

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On his return from Goa, the Chief Minister will spend one day campaigning for the party candidates in the Kolkata municipal elections Kolkata Municipal Election on 19th December However, after the landslide victory in the assembly elections, the grassroots top leadership is quite confident about the pre-vote

Trinamool leadership has turned a blind eye to Tripura as well as the whole of North East India According to Trinamool sources, Mamata Banerjee can go to Assam on December 20 and worship at the Kamakhya temple in Guwahati. From there, he will reach Shillong and meet the newly joined grassroots leaders in Meghalaya. Twelve Congress MLAs, including former Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, have recently joined the Trinamool Congress. The main opposition party in Meghalaya is also Trinamool That is why Mamata Banerjee is going to Meghalaya to help spread the party’s organization

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Like Tripura, Meghalaya also has assembly elections in a year and a half As a result, grassroots leaders are expected to travel more frequently to these states.

After returning from Meghalaya, Mamata Banerjee is scheduled to reach Darjeeling on December 26. There are 6 GTA elections in Darjeeling next year Before that, it is important for the grassroots to get the support of the hill people Because the ruling party could not strengthen the organization in the hills despite many attempts in the past

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