Anup Chakraborty, Kolkata: Gold worth Rs 72 lakh hidden in the genitals. In the hope that no one would notice even the smallest detail, he had arranged for a person to leave Kolkata for Delhi. But the last defense was not. The man was caught during a security check at Calcutta Airport. His name is Ali Muhammad. Police claimed that the man had 1 kg 640 grams of gold.

Sources said the passenger was standing at the security checkpoint in Delhi. This time the scanning machine caught two plastic packets in his pocket. Security guards wanted to see the yellow packets on suspicion. They also came to the front of the packet. The next time he was questioned, he said he was carrying gold with a market value of at least Rs 72 lakh. He was later handed over to the customs office. The customs department has started investigation into the incident. Where was the gold being smuggled, whether Mohammad Ali was involved in a big smuggling ring, how long has he been in the gold smuggling business, where did he collect the gold, all these questions are to be answered by the customs officials.

The incident took place a few days ago when a few stones were recovered from Calcutta Airport. Many people thought that the stone was actually a precious thing called California Stone with a market value of more than four crore rupees. CID officials recovered the stone and took it away. It was thought that the stone used to make the atomic bomb had been placed on a plot of sabotage. Later, however, it was found that the stone was not California at all, but ordinary stone. It is believed that someone left the four stones to make money by fooling people.

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