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#Kolkata: For the time being, the Duare Sarkar camp program has been postponed in the state. In addition, the celebration of Student Week on Monday, January 3, has also been postponed. The state government has taken this decision because of the situation in the state. This decision has been made after judging the situation. The next decision will be taken tomorrow judging the situation.

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Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had earlier announced that the government would hold a camp at the door in January. The government was supposed to set up about eight thousand camps in the state and set up camps at the gates. The camp was also to start three new projects. All that has been postponed for now. However, the ceremony was not canceled. Suspended for now. Earlier, in an administrative meeting in South 24 Parganas, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had hinted that the state government could take some strict restrictions from January 3, keeping in view the situation in Kovid. The Chief Minister also said that the issue of continuing school-college should be considered considering the situation of Kovid. This decision was known to him.

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Although the cause of the terrible panic has not yet been created, there is a cause for concern in the medical community about the corona infection in the state. Because, in the last one week, the number of infections has jumped in the state. Starting from three numbers at a time, the infection has reached only four figures in a few days. Not only that, the number of daily infections has reached nearly four thousand. Infection has also increased in Kolkata. The rate of infection in the city has become a cause for concern. All in all, the situation is creating fear. Although the rate of infection has not increased like the first or second wave, the state government wants to be ready in advance. The government camp at the door is usually crowded with people. The camp may have been suspended due to fears that the mob could spread the infection.

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