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Somraj Bandyopadhyay, Calcutta: The state government has decided to set up Duare Sarkar in the tribal areas. The government will run at this door from 13 June to 31 July. The government will be at this door four days a week. The government will also be held at the door on Saturday and Sunday. This was stated by Chief Secretary Hari Krishna Dwivedi in a virtual meeting with the district magistrates on Wednesday. The state aims to reach out to the aborigines through the government through projects like land mutations, food health care.

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During an administrative meeting in Purulia on Monday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee expressed her displeasure over the activities of the Land Revenue Department. Not only that, the Chief Minister showed through live broadcast the problems faced by the indigenous poor people while going for land mutation. Even poor people in tribal areas are being harassed for land mutations. The Chief Minister himself showed the information. Besides, he said that ordinary people would not get jobs if they did not work here. He also asked the chief secretary to find a way to solve the problem. Then the Chief Secretary sat in the meeting on an emergency basis.

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It was decided at the meeting that government camps would be held at the doorsteps of the tribal areas in the districts of the state. In that case, special attention will be given to the indigenous poor people through special training so that there is no problem in filling up the application form. All the information will be collected by going to the area. In the relevant tribal areas, many poor people are being harassed while trying to mutate land. Not only that, they were being deprived of the opportunity of farmer friendly project due to lack of mutations. Administrative officials say Wednesday’s decision will solve much of the problem. According to sources, the chief secretary is scheduled to hold a detailed meeting with the chief minister on Thursday.

Besides, it has been decided in this day’s meeting that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will again hand over the student credit cards to the students. On June 9, the Chief Minister will hand over credit cards to about 5,000 students. The Chief Secretary instructed the districts to take special measures for this. The Department of Higher Education has already organized multiple district-wide camps for student credit cards. Officials at the Department of Higher Education expect the project to gain momentum with the issuance of student credit cards in February.

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