#Kolkata: Will Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar walk the path of conflict with the state this time even with the pre-vote? Because like the opposition, the governor (West Bengal Civic Polls) wants all the municipal elections in the state at once. After the governor’s meeting with the state election commissioner on this day, the possibility of a clash between the state and the governor (Jagdeep Dhankhar) over the pre-vote has increased. Not only that, the commission is also worried that the pre-poll in Howrah will be postponed due to the governor’s objection.

The governor also explained the attitude of the pre-vote by tweeting on this day “The state election commissioner has been reminded that their powers are the same as those of the national election commission,” the governor tweeted with a photo of the meeting with the election commissioner. As a result, they should perform their duties impartially, independently and effectively Not as a large part of the government. “

The Governor summoned State Election Commissioner Sourav Das to Raj Bhavan on the same day The meeting between the two people lasted for about an hour However, during the meeting, the Election Commissioner disagreed with the Governor on a number of issues, according to Raj Bhavan sources. Jagdeep Dhankhar has repeatedly asked the Election Commissioner why the commission is unable to hold a vote in one sitting. The governor also advised Election Commissioner Sourav Das to abide by the constitution

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Apart from this, fears have also been raised about the future of the Howrah pre-poll inside the commission Because according to the decision of the state, Bali municipality is being separated from Howrah The bill has also been passed in the assembly for him The bill has reached the governor for signing But according to sources, the governor is seeking an explanation from the state government almost daily raising new questions about the separation of Bali from Howrah.

The Election Commission also fears that the governor may eventually send the Howrah sand separation bill back to the legislature for reconsideration. Even after that, if the bill goes to him, the governor is obliged to sign it But a lot of time can be wasted due to this tension As a result, Howrah’s pre-poll 7 may be delayed

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According to the decision of the state government and the commission, the pre-poll will be held on December 19 in Kolkata and Howrah Although the commission has not yet issued that notification As a result, the attitude of the Governor towards this day has increased the concern of the Commission

In this situation, the Election Commission is looking at what the Calcutta High Court will decide in the case tomorrow. On the same day, the commission informed the court in an affidavit that it was not possible to cast votes in 112 municipalities at a time due to insufficient number of EVMs in their hands. According to sources, the governor also raised the question of why the commission does not have the infrastructure to vote together.

According to the commission, re-election has been planned in the state in four phases The Election Commission has made this plan keeping in mind the law and order situation as well as the lack of EVM.

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