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#Kolkata: The Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee Oath Taking Ceremony) will take oath in the Assembly. Oath before 12 noon on the 6th. Let the swearing in ceremony as MLA be held in the assembly. The Parliamentary Office has requested the Governor (Jagdeep Dhankhar) to come to the Legislative Assembly and administer the oath. This was stated by Parliamentary Minister Perth Chatterjee.

Mamata Banerjee can be sworn in as the newly elected MLA at the beginning of the mother’s party. According to sources, he can take oath next Thursday. According to party sources, he will take oath as MLA in the Assembly.

Besides Mamata Banerjee, the two winning Trinamool MLAs from Samsherganj and Jangipur are also expected to take oath on the same day. Although the final schedule has not been announced yet The swearing-in schedule could be announced on Monday afternoon.

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Incidentally, a message was sent from the Raj Bhavan to the Secretariat of the Legislative Assembly. The message said that from now on, the governor will administer oath to the elected MLAs. If he wins the general election of Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha, the Protem Speaker administers the oath to the MPs and MLAs. But constitutionally, the President is responsible for administering the oath of office to the MPs in the Lok Sabha. In the case of the state assembly, the governor of the state performs that duty. However, in each case, the swearing in of MPs and MLAs is the responsibility of the President or the Governor.

In the case of general elections, the President or the Governor assigns that responsibility to the Protem Speakers. And if he wins the by-election, that responsibility is given to the Speaker in the case of Lok Sabha. In the case of the Legislative Assembly, the Governor assigns that responsibility to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly concerned. According to Raj Bhavan sources, the governor wants to keep that responsibility in his own hands. That is why the final decision was not announced in the assembly secretariat.

According to sources, a message sent to the Legislative Assembly from the Raj Bhavan said that the right given to the Speaker by the Governor to take oath under Article 16 of the Constitution would be revoked. There are only four working days in the assembly this week. Holiday due to mahalaya next Wednesday.

Apart from Monday and Tuesday, the assembly will be open on Thursday and Friday. After that Pujo holiday will start. Therefore, the Vidhan Sabha-Raj Bhavan can discuss the issue today and finalize the day of swearing in of the three MLAs, including the Chief Minister. Such was the indication. The festive season has begun. Mahalaya next Wednesday. After that, there are indications that this oath may be read at the beginning of the mother’s side.

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