#Kolkata: The state government has announced a set of concessions on Corona Restrictions (West Bengal Covid Guidelines) from November 1. From now on, you can shoot movies and serials outdoors (Cinema Halls and outdoor shooting). The state government (West Bengal Covid Guidelines) issued the guidelines on Friday. Besides, 80 percent spectators were allowed to sit in the cinema hall in the new notification.

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Today, in this notification (West Bengal Covid Guidelines) the world of entertainment is announced. It was informed there that the shooting of movies and serials (Cinema Halls and outdoor shooting) can be done from now on according to the coronation rules. There is also a need to maintain social distance. Besides, there should be sanitation system.

This time discount has also been given in case of cinema hall (West Bengal Covid Guidelines). Earlier, 50 per cent spectators were allowed to sit in the hall after the lockdown. That too was extended on this day. Cinema halls, theaters, stages, auditoriums, stadiums, shopping malls, markets, restaurants, spas, gyms can accommodate 60 percent of the people (Cinema Halls and outdoor shooting). It can be kept open until eleven o’clock at night.

The coronavirus outbreak has hit the entertainment industry hard since March 2020. At that time, shooting in Tolipara was stopped for some time. After a long time the door to the shooting floor opens. But outdoor shooting was not allowed in extreme weather. So far that permission has been given. So naturally the happy mood is in Tolipara.

On the other hand, it is expected to increase the number of cinema halls. Fifty percent of the spectators were allowed to sit, even though the cinema hall had been closed for a long time. That too has yielded results. More than one Bengali movie has been released during Pujo. In just seven days, Dev’s ‘Golandaj’ has done more than 2 crore business, while Ankush’s ‘FIR’ has also done good business. Informed quarters think that it will be a great benefit to the entertainment world.

Details coming …

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