#Kolkata: Does Trinamool (TMC) and BJP mean just animosity and conflict? Rajesh Sinha and Rajiv Sinha, two candidates of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC Elections 2021) have proved that political parties are not related to conflict. The first one is the Trinamool Congress candidate in ward no The second is the BJP candidate from Ward No. 41 About those two brothers!

Rajesh and Rajiv both live in the same house The two have filed nominations at the address of Panchu Dhobani Alley, 13, Jodasanko area. Although two brothers from two adjoining wards fought for the Trinamool-BJP, he had no effect on the two. Rajesh and Rajeev live together with their family, their business is also together

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Like elder brother Rajesh, younger brother Rajib also demanded that they do not allow politics to enter the house That is the chemistry of maintaining good relations In Rajib’s words, ‘Politics has not had any effect on us Our relationship is very good The two brothers live together Business together. ‘

In the words of younger brother Rajesh, “It is unfortunate in politics that people turn away whenever someone joins another party. That should not be 6 The team is different, the house is different Elections, politics are never discussed in our house. “

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Rajesh and Rajivan Sinha’s father Anoy Gopal Singh was once a Congress MLA from Jagddal. Their brother-in-law was again associated with socialist politics Rajesh and Rajiv also used to join Congress like their father Later they changed parties and joined Trinamool and BJP

Despite the fact that the political parties were separated, there was no effect on the two However, after becoming candidates, they did not greet each other Younger brother Rajiv says that whatever the outcome of the vote, his relationship with his grandfather will remain the same And Dada Rajesh says in a slightly light mood, “It is not possible to get involved in development without Mamata Banerjee. So, brother Jituk or Haruk, I will tell you to join the grassroots. ‘

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