Great step in the state 6 From July 1, single use plastic of 75 microns is going to be banned in the state. Shopkeepers use this plastic to buy vegetables or fish in the market. But this time it can not be done From now on, if this plastic is given, the shopkeeper will be fined 500 rupees. Buyers will not get a discount The buyer will be fined 50 rupees. The use of plastic has already been successfully banned in Darjeeling, Sikkim. This time it will be banned in Kolkata and other places.

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The danger for plastics has not diminished Recently, a fire broke out in a plastic factory in Chanditala area of ​​Behala around 11:30 pm. At that moment panic spread in the whole area. Locals claim work is underway on a construction site next to the factory. There the workers cook and eat. Presumably, the sparks of the fire somehow fell on the two sheds of the plastic factory while cooking that night. From then on, the whole factory was engulfed in flames. As it was a normal plastic factory, a lot of combustible material was stored, so it did not take long for the fire to spread. This is the factory’s plastic 6 The same thing can happen with everyday plastic In addition, the plastic drain closes 6 As a result, the possibility of flood increases

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The government is also going to stop 125 micron plastic. The government is also considering what will be used as an alternative.

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