#Kolkata: Gutkha Banned in West Bengal will not be sold in the state for the next one year. Recently, Nabanna has issued such guidelines. The guidelines clearly state that nicotine in gutkha and various spices is harmful to human health. The guidelines have been issued keeping this in mind.

In fact this guide is not new. In 2013, the state health department banned the sale of tobacco products like Panamshala or Gutkha. In the new guidelines of Nabanna, in fact, that period is being extended. The new guidelines have already been sent to the Municipal Kolkata Police District Magistrate and the Chief Health Officer.

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This guideline is coming into effect from November 8. This decision is effective under the Food Security Act of 2006.

It is to be noted that the survey has shown that about 20 percent of the people in the state are addicted to this type of drug. As a result, drugs are also sold secretly. On the one hand, the prevalence of this deadly drug is on the rise. In the same way, there is visual pollution in the spit of gutkha pick panmasala everywhere. A large section of the people of the state want the government system against Nick. This time Nabanna set that precedent.

A recent study found that it costs Rs 1,200 crore every year to remove gutkha stains on railways. Considering the situation, the railways have decided to give a kind of pickaxe. In other districts of Kolkata, the situation is similar on both sides of the road. Opponents of such drugs are hopeful that Nabanna’s tough decision could change the situation.

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