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Hammer hammer is dropped, there will be only tiger! New indications to change the flag of the forward block? – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Forward block fighting with flag. The hammer and sickle is being dropped from the flag of All India Forward Bloc. And that is why the protest is part of the state forward bloc. For so long the flags of South India and the rest of the country were of the Forward Bloc. This time there will be only one flag of All India Forward Bloc. Naren Chattopadhyay, secretary of the Bangla Committee of the All India Forward Bloc, claimed that long-standing differences with the party’s flag have been resolved.

June 22, 2022 is the 63rd founding day of the All India Forward Bloc. On that day, according to Netaji Subhas Chandra, the call will be made to build a socialist India. However, the Communist International has been excluded from the Forward Bloc for so many days. The flag of the Bengali committee of the traditional Forward Bloc will no longer have the hammer and sickle mark. Just jumping tiger with red flag. This has been the flag of the Forward Bloc of South India for so long. But the flag of the Bengali committee was different. This time it is going to be the only flag of the All India Forward Bloc. And that has been fixed in the Supreme Council in accordance with the rules and regulations of the party. This is what Naren Chattopadhyay, the secretary of Bangla Committee, demanded.

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However, some sections of the party are angry over the change of flag. Their demand is not to exclude Subhash, the party leaders are gradually trying to surrender to the ruling party Trinamool Congress. The leadership of the Forward Bloc is retreating from the communist movement for fear of the ruling party. Ali Imran Ramz, a member of the Forward Bloc’s state secretariat and former MLA, said they would celebrate the founding day on June 22 with the old flag. He also held a press conference at the Forward Bloc Leadership Press Club in nine districts.

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Many of them have been expelled from the party long ago. Sudip Bandyopadhyay, who had called a press conference at the Press Club in the name of Road Block, had been suspended for so long and was later expelled, party sources said. The party will also take necessary action against those who are working against the party from the team, said Naren Chatterjee. However, members of the state secretariat also fired at the state secretary. Allegations of authoritarian attitude against the central and state leadership are part of the party. Establishment Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 22nd June at the office of Forward Block. On the same day, Debabrata Biswas, the leader of the All India Forward Bloc, will explain the new party flag and the new Subhashism.

In addition, the Forward Bloc is coming into the headlines for another reason before the founding day. Various allegations have been leveled against Naren Chattopadhyay, the secretary of the Bangla Committee of the All India Forward Bloc, for leading a section of the Forward Bloc. Ali Imran Ramz, a former MLA, said Kochbihar and North 24 Parganas district offices were being rented out unethically. Who is getting the money for the sale? No one knows. He brought allegations of direct financial embezzlement against the leadership of the Bangla Committee. Ali Imran also claimed that there is no democracy in the party.

However, all the allegations have been dismissed by the State Secretary of the Bangla Committee of the All India Forward Bloc. Editor Naren Chatterjee claims that these offices have been rented for several years now. Now why are you raising these questions? Those who are raising this question are actually stepping into another group. Now he has spoken out against the leadership of the party to find any excuse. Bringing these false allegations actually paved the way for them to go to another party. On the one hand, the communal forces are protesting against the anti-people policy.

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