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#Kolkata: Mukul Roy did not join the Trinamool (TMC). Mukul Roy’s lawyer Sayantak Das said this while participating in the Speaker’s hearing regarding the dismissal of Mukul Roy’s MLA post. However, Shuvondu Adhikari’s lawyer Bilbadal Bhattacharya is going to protest against the demand of Mukul Roy’s lawyer.

Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari lodged a complaint with the Speaker demanding the dismissal of his MLA post after Mukul Roy joined the Trinamool Congress. Opposition leader demanded that anti-defection law be implemented against Mukul State Assembly Speaker Biman Banerjee is hearing the allegations.

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According to sources, Mukul Roy told the Speaker through his lawyer at the hearing that he had not joined the grassroots. However, Shuvendu Adhikari’s lawyer did not want to accept this demand He said that a written protest would be lodged with the Speaker against this

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Mukul Roy won from Krishnanagar North constituency on a BJP ticket in the Assembly elections. But after the results of the vote were announced, he joined the Trinamool on June 11 After that, the opposition leader demanded the implementation of anti-defection law against Mukul The BJP also approached the court alleging that the speaker was not working on the issue

The next hearing of the case is scheduled for January 3 in the principal’s house The next hearing of the case is scheduled for January 16 in the Supreme Court The Supreme Court has directed the Speaker of the State Legislative Assembly to dispose of the case as soon as possible. Due to his physical illness, however, Mukul has not been seen in such active politics in recent times.

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