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#Kolkata: BJP’s new state president Sukanta Majumdar on Dilip Ghosh has been praising his predecessor Dilip Ghosh since taking office. However, Sukanta Majumdar explained that even if he praised Dilip Ghosh, he would not follow Dilip’s path. That is to say, even if he sits as the BJP state president of the BJP, he will not come out of his mouth as regularly as Dilip.

Dilip Ghosh Controversies: Dilip Ghosh Controversies নেতা Dilip Ghosh Controversies নেতা Dilip Ghosh Controversies Dilip Dilip Ghosh Controversies Dilip Dilip Ghosh Controversies Dilip Dilip Ghosh Controversies ৷ On the one hand, as it has strengthened the BJP workers in the state, at the same time the party has had to face embarrassment, but Dilip has remained in Dilip.

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Sukant Mukherjee was questioned about Dilip Ghosh’s image after taking over as state president. Asked if he would follow the same path, Sukant Majumdar’s clear answer was, ‘That suits Dilip Ghosh. Dilip Ghosh, Dilip Ghosh. I am Sukanta Majumdar, I have a unique identity. ‘

From the post of state president, Dilip Ghosh used to go to different parts of the state for regular tea parties He has also been involved in clashes with the grassroots more than once over this tea cycle However, Sukant Majumder does not want to take part in the tea cycle like Dilip Ghosh The newly-appointed state president of the BJP has also made it clear that he will strengthen the organization in a unique way by not following the path shown by Dilip. In his words, ‘Tea Chakra Dilipdai will do. We will do something else. ‘

As the BJP state president, Dilip has not stopped attacking several intellectuals, starting from Amartya Sen. And in doing so, questions have often been raised about his language skills Although he has sided with Dilip in criticizing intellectuals, Professor Sukant Majumder, by profession, has made it clear that he will never go beyond modesty. The BJP state president said, “They cannot be criticized as intellectuals, it cannot happen. However, I want to criticize while maintaining decency.

Dilip Ghosh and Sukant Ghosh, both from RSS, have become BJP state presidents. However, even though there are similarities, there are many discrepancies between them, explained the MP of Balurghat

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