Health commission wants private hospitals of Bengal to learn from CMC Vellore How to reduce the cost of treatment in Vellore? Commission asks private hospitals in the state to learn – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Long-term treatment in reputed private hospitals in the state means the disappearance of the patient’s family. Such allegations arose in many cases Education from Christian Medical College Hospital in Vellore to private hospitals in Nick State to stop allegations of over-billing. Such is the case with the State Health Commission The Health Commission is also sending bills to the state-run private hospitals in Vellore to teach them how to control the bill without increasing the pressure on the patient’s family even in complex treatment. However, the organization of private hospitals in the state does not agree with the decision of the Health Commission

Bikash Chandra Mandal, a resident of Barrackpore in North 24 Parganas, was seriously injured in a bike accident last April. Bikash Chandra Mandal, 46, was first admitted to Government BN Bose Hospital in Barrackpore. From there, the man was first shifted to Narayana in Barasat and then to Fortis Hospital along the EM Bypass. Bikashbabu’s family complained that in ten days the bill at Fortis Hospital was 4 lakh 96 thousand rupees Bikashbabu’s injured leg also became gangrene The family was even informed by the hospital that the leg may have to be removed

Bikashbabu was later released from Fortis Hospital on a bond and taken to Vellore by his family. There he was admitted to Christian Medical College Hospital After 19 days of treatment at the hospital in Vellore, Bikash Chandra Mandal recovered a lot. The total bill of the hospital in 19 days was 1 lakh 19 thousand rupees Bikashbabu’s family brought to the notice of the Health Commission the incident of incurring huge expenses and not getting the expected results while undergoing treatment at a hospital in Kolkata. Following the example of this incident, the commission has taken steps to curb the trend of over-billing of large private hospitals in the state. The commission is now sending copies of the bill paid to Bikash Babu’s family for treatment at the Vellore hospital to all the major private hospitals in the state. The health commission wants private hospitals in the state to learn how to control complex medical bills from the Christian Medical College in Vellore.

However, the Health Commission’s allegations and decision have been protested by the Association of Hospitals of Eastern India. Rupak Barua, president of the organization, claimed in a statement that the CMC Hospital in Vellore is run by a board of trustees. As a result, there are differences in their financial structure with corporate hospitals The Association of Private Hospitals further claims that the cost of treatment in private hospitals in the state is much lower than in private hospitals in South India or other parts of India. But despite this, there has been a long-running propaganda against private hospitals in the state for charging extra bills from patients, creating misconceptions among the people about private hospitals in the state. The association of private hospitals has sought the cooperation of government authorities to boost the confidence of the patient’s family.

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