#Kolkata: Many say that he is the uncrowned emperor of Birbhum. He is the president of Birbhum Trinamool. He has been undergoing treatment at SSKM Hospital in Kolkata for the last few days. Although his physical condition is stable, the Trinamool leader is going through various tests in this ducksite.

According to the latest information, due to testicular problems, antibiotics are being given to Anubrat Mandal at present. Blood sugar levels are still a bit high. There is high blood pressure but it is under control for the time being. Oxygen is given occasionally for shortness of breath. However, according to the information received from the doctors, Anubrata Mandal will not be released today. It is learned that CT scan of Anubrat Mandal may be done today. However, according to medical sources, the grassroots leader of Birbhum is afraid to enter the CT scan machine.

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On April 8, the CBI summoned Birbhum district Trinamool president Anubrata Mandal for the fifth time in a gang-rape case. But at the last moment of that day, dramatically, his car suddenly turned towards SSKM Hospital on its way to Nizam’s Palace. Since then, the district Trinamool president of Birbhum has been in the Woodburn ward of this super specialty hospital. Ongoing treatment. The medical board is sitting.

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It is learned that he has multiple problems including shortness of breath, hospital sources said. There are also testicular problems. A CT angiogram was performed on Wednesday to find out what was causing the problem. For this he was taken to Ramrik Das Hospital, a branch of SSKM in Bhabanipur. According to SSKM sources, Anubrat Mandal still has shortness of breath. He also has multiple physical problems. The CBI has inquired about his physical condition after he was admitted to Anubrat Mandal SSKM.

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