#Kolkata: It is already clear that the Upper Primary Recruitment process is not coming to an end this year (SSC). But the school service commission is hopeful that the grievances of the higher secondary job seekers will be settled by December.

According to the Commission (SSC), the process of disposing of about five thousand job seekers is still pending. The process of settling the grievances of about 13,000 job seekers has already been completed till October 8. A list of about 1,200 more job seekers has been published till November 30. In that case, the commission hopes that the process of disposing of the complaint will be completed by December following the recent judgment of the High Court.

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So far, the commission has been in the process of settling the allegations in six phases. A total of more than 16,000 complaints have been lodged, according to commission sources. In that case, the grievances of those whose grievances will be settled this time, those grievances are quite important, according to the Commission sources. This is because there are allegations that the job seekers who were included in the previous merit list have been left out. According to the commission, if the recruitment process is completed by December, they will then express their views in the High Court. After that, only after receiving the green signal from the High Court, it will be possible to publish the merit list for the recruitment of upper primary.

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Although more than seven years have passed, the recruitment process for the upper primary is still mired in legal complications. Once the merit list was published, the High Court canceled the merit list on the charge of opacity. Not only this, the job seekers have to give interviews twice in a row. The job seekers had to give interviews twice as per the order of the High Court. Besides, the commission had to take the complaints of the job seekers as directed by the High Court.

According to the commission, more than 18,000 complaints have been submitted to the commission. It took a long time for the commission to resolve the grievances against the relevant Joint Secretary level officials. First, the commission officials were concerned about the availability of a sufficient number of joint secretaries from the school education department. The commission also requested the High Court to hold a case-by-case hearing with officials at the level of Assistant Secretary. Although the High Court has given 15 weeks time, it is possible for the Commission to settle the entire complaint within December.

Classes for the new academic year start from January. Schools are already opening across the state from Tuesday. If all goes well, the state government may gradually open schools from first class from January next year. In that case, if the school is opened, the need of teachers will be created again. Therefore, SSC wants to speed up the recruitment process for upper primary. That is why the commission is on the path of speedy disposal of the remaining allegations.

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