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#Kolkata: The BJP is vocal in its demand for Central Force (WB Civic Poll) in the pre-poll (Kolkata Municipal Election 2021). Apart from repeatedly appealing to the Election Commission, the BJP approached the Supreme Court with this demand. After the case was returned to the Supreme Court on Monday, the BJP filed a fresh case in the Calcutta High Court. During the hearing of the case at 2 pm on Tuesday, the lawyer of the State Election Commission said that it would take time to express the opinion of the commission about the central forces. He pleaded for a hearing in the case on Wednesday. After that, Justice Rajasekhara Mantha said, the case will be heard at 11 am on Wednesday. Besides, a bench of Justice Rajasekhara Mantha directed the commission to state its position on security in the BJP’s case.

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At the hearing on Tuesday, State Advocate General Soumendranath Mukherjee said in reference to the Tripura referendum, “Central Force In WB Civic Poll was also deployed in Tripura. But the news of post-poll violence in the media has not escaped our eyes. ” But the Election Commission of West Bengal (Kolkata Municipal Election 2021) has not yet asked for a central force. On the contrary, the State Election Commission is active enough to ensure fair and free voting. The police are also active.

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Incidentally, the BJP’s lawyer claimed in court that the Trinamool had barred four of its candidates from submitting nominations. The Advocate General claimed that the BJP was alleging that four people were barred from contesting. Although the police have been accused, they have not taken any action. Has the BJP been able to provide any proof of this?

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Senior lawyer SK Kapoor started questioning on behalf of the BJP on Tuesday. During the question, he said that even after the BJP lodged a complaint with the Commissioner of Kolkata Police, no solution was found. SK Kapoor’s complaint, the police are not accepting multiple complaints. He said that is why the BJP has applied to the Supreme Court for a fair and peaceful vote. Senior lawyer SK Kapoor has also not applied to ensure the safety of BJP candidates. In this context, the judge counter-questioned, “Only 4 BJP candidates have applied. Will the court arrange security for these 4 candidates?” In reply, SK Kapoor said, “The BJP has filed this case, so we are appealing to the BJP to ensure the safety of all the candidates, i.e. the security of the Kolkata pre-poll.”

The Additional Solicitor General commented in court that the BJP’s appeal was “surprising”. He also said that the Tripura State Election Commission has appealed to the Central Force (WB Civic Poll) in the case of Tripura pre-poll. Our State Election Commission has not made any such application, the situation is completely different.

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