#Kolkata: The boy lived abroad The elderly couple lived alone in Goriya This morning, the old man suffered a heart attack while driving himself The old man lost control and crashed into the sidewalk near Ranikuthi (Accident). The deceased was identified as Ranendra Mohan Bandyopadhyay, 64.

According to police sources, Ranendrababu lived in Srirampur of Goriya with his wife He also had some physical problems Ranendrababu was driving from Tollygunge to Goriya with his housemaid this morning. According to eyewitnesses, Ranendra Mohan Babu’s car hit the sidewalk near Ranikuthi and lost control. After the accident, the locals rushed to the aid of the old man and his maid Only then can they understand that Ranendra Mohan Babu has suffered a heart attack The maid in the car got slightly injured

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Regent Park Police 6 came to the spot after receiving the news At first Ranendra Mohan Babu was taken to MR Bangur Hospital From there he was taken to Baghayatin Hospital Although the doctors declared him dead

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According to Ranendra Mohan Babu’s housemaid in the car, the old man used to take various medicines. As a result, it is initially thought that the old man lost control of his car after suffering a heart attack However, the police are not ruling out the possibility of an old man suffering a heart attack even after the accident. The matter will be clear only after the autopsy of Ranendra Mohan Babu’s body

According to the police, local relatives of Ranendra Mohan Babu have been informed about the accident. His son is also returning from abroad

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