‘Hello, Bobby Hakim, I’m talking!’

#Kolkata: Talk to Mayor is being re-introduced to understand the minds of city dwellers. Firhad Hakim will take over as mayor on Tuesday. After that, the Talk to Mayor program will start again from the new year. Firhad Hakim took a drastic step in the civil service after taking charge of Calcutta Municipality as the Mayor. Firhad Hakim launched the “Talk to Mayor” service to find out their grievances, problems and advantages and to solve them immediately.

Thousands of people in different wards of Kolkata benefited from this source by talking directly to the mayor. After that he started “Talk to KMC” as the city administrator. Talk to Mayor or Talk to KMC was launched in Kolkata Municipality to boost the confidence of the people in the municipal services, which was quite successful. Much has been made of this move, which even the opposition could not have imagined.

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The Trinamool Congress has been campaigning for Talk to Mayor in the just-concluded Kolkata municipal polls. And the team succeeds in this campaign. Firhad Hakim will take over as the mayor of Kolkata again on Tuesday. This time Firhad is going to be the mayor in the second phase. He said that the “Talk to Mayor” would continue in the same manner. Earlier, the program was held every Saturday at noon. I think this event may start again from Saturday, January 6, next year.

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All in all, at the beginning of the new year, you will be heard again to solve the problem of civil service “Hello Bobby Hakim, I am saying that!” The Trinamool Congress in its election manifesto revealed the ten horizons of the municipality. And there he quickly hinted at solving the problems of the ward residents. There has also been talk of a solution in this monkey neighborhood. As a result, the municipality will search every corner of the city by holding hands to Talk to Mayor.

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