Abir Ghoshal, Kolkata: Phone from unknown number. And to receive it, he said from the opposite direction, “Hello, I am saying Abhishek Banerjee ….” Abhishek Banerjee can talk directly on the phone with the booth level staff to know the status of the organization from the booth level. Such a phone call has already reached Medinipur. Leaders and activists of the ruling party think that many more will get such phone calls in the coming days.

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According to Trinamool Congress sources, Abhishek Banerjee will call different blocks from now on. Find out from them about the organizational flaws, deviations, weaknesses and conditions of the team. He will understand the reality of the organization. Just listen to that problem, not so ৷ In addition to this, he himself will tell the way how to remedy it. Abhishek Bandyopadhyay, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool Congress, is making direct connections with the party’s block level workers who are at the grassroots level. According to grassroots sources, from now on you can get many leaders at the phone block level. Maybe a block level leader’s phone suddenly rang and he heard a familiar voice from the opposite direction, saying Abhishek Bandyopadhyay ….

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Most recently, Abhishek Banerjee called a block level leader in Medinipur. According to Trinamool sources, Abhishek will call different blocks of Bengal like this in the coming days. They will be able to report any problem directly to the All India General Secretary of the party. Abhishek himself will call. In the current situation of the party, observers of state politics think that such an innovative initiative of Abhishek Banerjee is quite significant. While opposition leaders are complaining daily on social media, their leaders are not talking to booth or block level workers. Then the grassroots workers were happy with this initiative of Abhishek.

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