#Kolkata: School-College and University (West Bengal School Guidelines) will be opened in the state tomorrow under the Covid situation. Last minute preparations are underway. The school is opening after twenty months. Coronavirus eye redness is still not completely under control. However, the level of infection is much lower. That is why the Mamata Banerjee government of the state has decided to open the school keeping in mind the needs of the students.

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As per the directive of the Chief Minister, all the schools, colleges and universities of the state will be reopened from November 16 tomorrow. Going back, the old picture of the educational institution! Students can go to school physically (West Bengal School Guidelines). Student will return to life, classroom, blackboard! However, before the opening of the school-college, the emphasis is on cleanliness. But before that, the education department has clarified some new rules. These must be followed during the class at Covid Next School (West Bengal School Guidelines). Let’s take a look at the new guidelines.

Students and parents should keep in mind the following instructions before entering the school:

  • Students must arrive half an hour before the start of the class.
  • Classes IX and XI will be from 10 am to 3.30 pm.
  • Tenth and twelfth classes from 11 am to 4.30 pm
  • Practical classes will also start from November 18.
  • School corridors, gates must be cut at a certain distance to cut the round!
  • Parents can not enter the school for now!
  • Any school-college or university student with ring, bracelet, necklace
  • Can’t wear any jewelry.
  • Certain rules must be followed in school. No more than two students can sit on the bench.
  • If two students sit on one bench, one student can sit on the next bench.
  • At school, cooked mid-day meals will not be provided. In that case, the mid-day meal equipment will be provided at home as before.
  • No sports or cultural events are allowed in the school at present.
  • A teacher will always be present in the class.
  • Junk food cannot be eaten at school.
  • Can’t give or take, drinking water or books.

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That was not the intention of the school authoritiesThe guidelines are:

  • All school cleaning work should start by October 31.
  • Teachers and education workers will have to come to schools, colleges and universities from November 1.
  • If necessary, students, teachers, staff will be given staff special train pass. It can be issued by the head of the concerned educational institution.
  • Hostels can be opened. However, strict rules must be followed.
  • Isolation room should be kept in the school hostel.
  • There will be prayers in the presence of the teacher in the classroom!

The education department also sets separate rules for colleges or universities. It said all colleges and universities in the state would have to complete the cleaning and sanitation work by the first week of November.

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