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#Kolkata: A petition was filed in the High Court seeking an urgent hearing in the High Court on the question of why the voting schedule was announced in four municipalities, excluding Howrah.

On the same day, except Howrah, the State Election Commission released the voting schedule in Siliguri, Bidhannagar, Chandannagar and Asansol Purnigam. Shortly afterwards, Sabyasachi Chattopadhyay, a lawyer representing the public interest litigation, e-mailed the chief justice questioning the role of the commission’s chief justice.

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The chief justice was informed by e-mail that the commission had told the court during the hearing of the pre-vote case that it wanted to hold the polls in five re-corporations on January 22. Howrah 6 is in it However, on this day, the commission has published the schedule of polling in the remaining four municipalities except Howrah The notification is to be issued tomorrow Therefore, on an urgent basis, a hearing petition was submitted to the Chief Justice tonight

However, the Chief Justice said in an e-mailed reply that he had to file an appeal in the Calcutta High Court on Tuesday morning, citing objections to the commission’s announcement. After examining the application, the Chief Justice will consider the matter of emergency hearing

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A CPM leader named Moushumi Roy had filed a public interest litigation in the High Court seeking Howrah Purnigam’s arrears. Sabyasachi Chatterjee, a lawyer in the public interest litigation, e-mailed the matter to the chief justice, objecting to the pre-poll schedule.

Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections in Howrah after the commission announces its voting schedule. Representatives of the opposition parties also came out of the all-party meeting called by the commission At the same time, they also complained about why the commission is now talking about voting in four municipalities even after proposing to hold elections in five municipalities.

State Election Commissioner Sourav Das, however, claimed that the state had not informed him about the Howrah polls. That is why the voting schedule in Howrah is not being published now

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