High Court stays expulsion of three students, returns Visva-Bharati to ‘class’ – News18 Bangla

Arnab Hazra, Kolkata: Students relieved at Visva-Bharati on the direction of the High Court. The Calcutta High Court has granted an interim stay on the expulsion of three students from the university. On the same day, Justice Rajshekhar Mantha said that expulsion of students is a big punishment. Students will be able to do all classes. Students will study. It will not be accepted that everyone will have problems for the protest. It is not right to encourage students in politics

The High Court has stayed the deportation till September 18. The next hearing will be on September 15.

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The judge said, “The vice-chancellor of Visva-Bharati is not above the law. Guru may be punished for minor sins. Students and professors will appeal to the court. The court will consider it.”

Apart from this, the High Court has directed to remove all kinds of protests and dharnas from the campus of Visva-Bharati University as soon as possible. The court has assured to reconsider the decision to expel the three students as soon as all kinds of positions are removed. No outsiders are banned from gathering on campus. Professors and students are equally harmed by the university’s decision. The Calcutta High Court has said that reading should be kept normal from tomorrow, Thursday. Meanwhile, no dharna or protest can be held against Visva-Bharati, the court has clearly instructed.

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Visva-Bharati University student protests have now become a new practice. The students staged a protest till the Calcutta High Court. Incidentally, the protests erupted in Visva-Bharati in protest of the dismissal of three students of Visva-Bharati University, Rupa Chakraborty, Somnath Sau and Falguni Pan, for three years. The protest started on August 26, the same night that the students surrounded the residence of Visva-Bharati Vice-Chancellor Bidyut Chakraborty.

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