#Kolkata: Rampurhat (Rampurhat Violence: A pair of public interest litigation has been filed in the Calcutta High Court seeking the intervention of the Calcutta High Court in the incident. A division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava has granted leave to file a public interest litigation

Petition of the plaintiff’s lawyers, the real truth will not come to light without the intervention of the High Court in this case In a second public interest litigation, the plaintiff’s lawyer has asked the NIA or CBI to investigate the Rampurhat incident. An application has also been made for an emergency hearing tomorrow

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Bhadu Sheikh, a local Trinamool deputy chief, was killed in Baktui village in Rampurhat on Monday night. Soon after the incident, miscreants set fire to several houses in Baktui village State Police DG Manoj Malviya said that eight people were burnt to death

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Following the news of the incident this morning, the BJP-backed lawyers first filed a public interest litigation in the Calcutta High Court. The petition said the Calcutta High Court should intervene spontaneously in the case. In addition, the court was informed by the plaintiff’s lawyers that the district president of the Trinamool Congress in Birbhum informed that the incident was caused by an electrical short circuit. As a result, the truth will not come out without the self-motivated intervention of the court. However, Chief Justice Prakash Srivastava said that the decision would be taken after scrutiny by the court on whether the court had spontaneously intervened in the case.

After that another public interest case was filed in the court The second public interest litigation lawyer also sought the intervention of the High Court in the Rampurhat incident. The petition also sought an investigation by the CBI or the NIA to find out the real truth and provide adequate compensation to the families of the victims. An emergency hearing has also been called for tomorrow in the second public interest case

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