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#Kolkata: He is a BJP leader He was also a candidate in the assembly elections Kalyan Choubey became the chief electoral agent of the Hindustan Awami Morcha candidate in Bhabanipur during the day (Kalyan Choubey becomes the agent of Hindustan Awami Morcha). As soon as the matter came to light, Kalyan Chaub claimed that he had resorted to this political tactic to see if the Trinamool was rigging.

On this day, there was a lot of tension in the last days of the election in Bhabanipur (Bhabanipore By Election) over the allegation of vandalism of Kalyan Chaub’s car. Police also arrested a BJP leader named Rajbir Singh, an associate of Kalyan Chaub.

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The incident started at 6 in the afternoon Kalyan Choubey was visiting various booths in Bhabanipur assembly constituency since morning He alleged that at around 3.30 pm, a group of youths climbed on his vehicle carrying the grassroots flag at the Padmapukur crossing on Sarat Basu Road. The BJP leader alleged that his car was vandalized

Soon after this incident, Kalyan Choubey reached a nearby private English medium school His colleague Rajbir Singh 7 appeared there Within minutes, Trinamool coordinator Asim Basu and his associates appeared. Allegedly, Kalyan Chaub’s ally Rajbir Singh made offensive remarks to Trinamool supporters at the time. With this, a heated argument started between the two parties Trinamool supporters started clashing with Rajbir Singh Somehow the police personnel handled the situation Later, Rajbir Singh was arrested by Bhabanipur police

At the time of the incident, the Election Commission’s identity card belonging to Kalyan Chaub showed that he was the chief electoral agent of Hindustan Awami Morcha candidate Shatadru Chattopadhyay. When asked about this, Kalyan Chaub replied, ‘I am doing what I am doing within the rules The Election Commission has given me an identity card, I can go to different booths with it All parties do it during voting This is nothing new. “

The Trinamool Shibir, however, claimed that politics had nothing to do with the attack on Kalyan Chaub’s car. Transport Minister Firhad Hakim claimed that tensions were running high after youths collided with bikes on the road. There is no addition of politics with this

Mamata Banerjee’s Chief Electoral Agent Vaishwan Chattopadhyay’s sarcasm about Kalyan Chaub being an agent of the Hindustan Awami Morcha is a kind of deception. He claims to be a BJP leader, but has become an agent of another party Can you see your face in the mirror? ‘

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