#Kolkata: The administration sat down for a meeting with high-ranking BSF officials. The meeting was attended by Home Secretary and senior state police officials. The meeting also discussed the issue of increasing the perimeter of international borders. The issue of erecting barbed wire on the Indo-Bangladesh border was also discussed. Besides, land issues in the border areas were also discussed in today’s meeting, sources said.

Discussions have been going on for a long time about increasing the area of ​​BSF. Many have expressed anger against the Center over the issue of increasing the area of ​​the border guards. It has been said many times that despite the law and order situation in the hands of the state, the central government is actually trying to interfere in that right of the state through the army.

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This meeting is important enough. Basically, Bangladesh has an international border to the east of the state. In order to maintain peace along the border, the plan is being worked out. Apart from this, land issue is also a big issue in the border areas. That was also discussed in Monday’s meeting.

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