Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Horror thriller ‘Rish’ releases on 24th June


By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti Pic: Surhid Ghosh

‘Rish’, a film by Preetam Mukherjee is all set to hit the silver screen on 24th June. This horror thriller stars Sourav Das, Darshana Banik, Chandrayee Ghosh, Rumki Chatterjee, Piyali Mukherjee and the child artist Kiana Mukherjee.

Debarati Bhowmick’s storyline revolves around a little girl who is possessed by an evil soul which is trying to kill her and her family. After Abir(Sourav) and Mandira( Darshana) came back from the hospital by vaccinating their daughter Fiona (Kiana), their lives took a 180 degree turn. Fiona started behaving rather oddly and they found out that she has been possessed by an evil soul. Soon they took the help of Mother Percy (Chandrayee) to find out the real truth. Abir was very tensed about Fiona’s health, which was detoriating fast. Mother Percy performs an exorcism and comes to know the truth behind Fiona’s possession by the evil soul. What was the truth? Will Abir be shocked to learn it? What will happen to the Roy family thereafter? Will Mother Percy be able to save the family? All these questions will be answered in the film which seems to be quite interesting.

Director Preetam Mukherjee and his team looked very confident about the film at the release date announcement event at One Sip. It remains to be seen whether ‘Rish’, the spine chilling horror thriller, can create a sensation at the box office.

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