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house collapsed in sealdah area, house collapsed in sealdah area – News18 Bangla


# AmitSarkar, Kolkata: Seven o’clock on Sunday. Some people have just started waking up. Gautam Kundu has opened a shop even today as usual. It will be seven-fifteen on the clock. Suddenly he heard the sound of bricks falling on the tin shed in front of the shop and came out of the shop.

After that it is as if death is meeting in front. The front of the two-storey house collapsed in front of his eyes. The goods of the shop were crushed. Such a horrible incident took place in Ward No. 36 of North Kolkata.

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15, the front of a two-story house collapsed in Budhu Ostagar Lane. There was a shop in the collapsed part. Shop owner Gautam Kundu survived for a while.

He opened the shop around 5 in the morning. The front of the house collapsed in front of my eyes. As he also survived, many have been saved because there are no upper castes.

Councilor Soma Chowdhury came to the spot after receiving the news of the incident. Old house. Soma Chowdhury, councilor of ward no.

He added that no one was injured. The shops were closed on Sunday. And since there was an accident in the morning, there was no one on the road, that’s the defense. He further added that he had asked the locals to maintain the houses properly.

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Homeowner Bijan Saha is out of Kolkata. He has been informed. The next decision about the house will be taken after discussing with the councilor when he arrives.

Most of the houses in the area are old. Councilors and the municipality have repeatedly appealed to homeowners to maintain their homes. Complaints, some do, some don’t. Even Gautam Babu claims that old houses are not being renovated. New houses and bathrooms were built on it. This danger is not able to handle the burden.

Municipal officials also came to get the news of the incident. The police of Amherst Street police also came. Now the future of the house will be decided considering the situation.

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