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How much is the population? The team wants to see the performance How much is TMC popularity? party wants to find out the performance – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: How much is the population? The Trinamool Congress wants to measure it in Nikti. And based on that report card, organizational responsibilities will match. Panchayat elections in the state next year. Before that, the Trinamool Congress is sorting out the block level. And there, along with the reports received from the people’s representatives, the real mass base of the leader of that bloc, the ability to mix with the people, is being looked into. In fact, the ruling party wants to take seriously how much confidence people have in that leader, how much that leader can work, how that leader treats people. Therefore, before forming a new committee at the block level, sorting is going on more than once.

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The Trinamool Congress had earlier said that the block level committee would be announced in stages from May 20. The party has a keen eye on the committee so that it can start working with the people’s representatives before the panchayat elections. In this context, reports are being submitted from different assembly constituencies of the state within the ruling party. After seeing that report, the ruling party will take responsibility only after gathering more information about that leader about the real situation. The Trinamool Congress wants to resolve the whole issue with utmost transparency.

The ruling party has been embroiled in controversy over the block president’s altercation with the MLA several times before. The riots had to be stopped by placing more than one top leader more than once So be careful team. So that such incidents do not happen again. Along with this, importance is being given so that no kind of corruption is involved. Therefore, if there is any allegation of corruption against anyone, the party will not give them responsibility. Earlier, various complaints were received from Burdwan, Nadia, Dui Medinipur, Jhargram, Kochbihar, Jalpaiguri and Hughli. It has already been made clear that the party will not tolerate any unrest at the block level. The Trinamool is going to make it clear through this committee that the real goal of the Trinamool is to create public relations with the people.

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