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How to overcome fear is the method of rowing! Emphasis is placed on dive swimming


#Kolkata: An accident seems to have changed the view of Rabindra Sarobar Lake Rowers are not seen in the morning now. Meetings with Kolkata Police, KMDA and club officials have been held in two phases The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been given to the club authorities. Although the club has not yet started rowing, they said that it will start soon, only waiting for the follow boat system, the rowing at Rabindra Sarobar Lake has stopped.

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A training camp was organized by the Calcutta Rowing Club on Sunday morning. The various subjects of rowing are taught through that camp. Police are investigating the deaths of two meritorious students in an accident last month, but thousands of questions have been raised. During the training on Sunday, keeping in mind the accident, they were taught what to do if the boat capsized. During the training, coach Shiv Shankar Basu said that even if the boat sinks during rowing, there is no reason to be afraid. Even if the boat sinks, the trainer gave a way of how to be rescued by swimming. The trainer even showed the way to save himself by using the boat.

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During the training, a rower named Aditya also expressed his fears. He said he was a little scared after the incident. Owaisi Basu said there had been fears since the incident, but there was some fear in Sunday’s training. A guardian named Shampa Pike shared her thoughts. He said it was okay before, but after hearing about this incident, even knowing how to swim is scary. However, after this class, I feel a little tension free.

Chandan Roy Chowdhury, secretary of Calcutta Rowing Club, said that rowing is completely safe but rowing will start as soon as this boat arrives. Everything that is SOP will always be accepted. However, during the training camp on Sunday, the rowing trainer went down to the television show and swimming pool the next day and taught by hand.

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