Howrah and Kolkata Municipal election | Howrah Kolkata Rudra-Rathin special importance in the pre-vote! The shadow of unrest inside the BJP

#Kolkata: Political circles say that the condition of BJP state president is like that of crucified Jesus. The crucified Jesus said to the Crusaders, “God, they do not know what they have done! Forgive them.” Reacting to the decision to separate Bali from Howrah Corporation, BJP state president Sukant Majumder said, “Trinamool doesn’t know what they did wrong!” However, like Christ, Sukant will not ask God to forgive Trinamool. On the contrary, Sukanta has relied on the court.

Sukantar claimed, “I don’t know what the Calcutta pre-vote will be, however, the Howrah pre-vote law cannot be complied with. We have gone to court, hopefully, to get justice.”

On the one hand, going to court and trying to prevent a virtual pre-vote, on the other hand, if the pre-vote is not prevented, it is a preparation for a face-to-face fight. The BJP started preparing for this two-pronged fight. Sukanta and Shuvendura called a meeting of the leadership of Kolkata and Howrah today as soon as the announcement was finalized on the day of the pre-poll. According to observers, although the BJP has not been able to move forward without forming some regular committees, the BJP has returned to the BJP from the very beginning.

A committee has been formed for 50 wards of Howrah. Rathin Chakraborty, who joined the BJP before the Assembly polls from Trinamool, has been made chairman. And, Kolkata has been divided into four zones and 4 committees have been formed. They are headed by Kalyan Chaubey for North Kolkata Zone, Rudranil Ghosh for South Kolkata, Tushar Kanti for South Suburban, and Priyanka Tibrewal for Central Kolkata Zone.

The goal is scored here. Rathin of Howrah, Rudranil of South Kolkata or Priyanka – none of them are original BJP in that sense. Rather, some of them were outspoken grassroots or leftists. As a result, in the midst of the meeting, the monopoly of the frustrated Adi BJP and the new BJP came to light.

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According to sources, the pressure on the post has increased to such an extent that at one point, Shuvendu Adhikari said, “Decide whether you will fight or slander yourself. Will you win Howrah Municipality with this unity? I know one of your leaders who Don’t go to bed without eating one. ” However, state president Sukanta did not acknowledge the issue.

However, the picture that emerged inside the state BJP at the beginning of the preparatory meeting raised doubts in the state BJP about how much it could fight with a strong organization like the Trinamool.

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