Howrah Bridge Accident: Part of Howrah Bridge railings and pillars collapsed due to bus collision.

Kolkata: Howrah Bridge Accident on the first working day of the week On Monday evening, a private bus hit the railing of the bridge and part of a pillar. Although several people were injured in the incident, no casualties have been reported so far

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Witnesses said the private bus on the Sealdah-Howrah route was en route from Kolkata to Howrah on Monday evening. At that time, he lost control on the way down from the bridge and pushed it on the railing of the bridge Due to the incident, some parts of the number one pillar of the bridge collapsed Panic spread in this busy evening Several people, including a bus passenger, were injured They were taken to the hospital

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After the accident, there was a huge traffic jam on the Howrah Bridge from Kolkata to Howrah. The passengers returning to the office are in trouble

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