#Kolkata: Lightning is disappearing in the sea Although it turned into a strong cyclone, it did not hit the ground As a result, the coasts of the three states are being protected from the wrath of cyclone West Bengal, Orissa or Andhra Pradesh. However, the meteorological department has warned of heavy rains in four coastal districts in the next 48 hours.

The weather office had earlier said that thunderstorms would eventually wreak havoc on the Bay of Bengal. Alipore Meteorological Department Eastern Officer Sanjeev Bandyopadhyay said on the same day that tomorrow will be a strong to moderate cyclone. It will turn into a depression by consuming more energy on Thursday

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However, there is no danger of thunderstorms, but now the sea will be rough Therefore, the warning issued for fishermen is maintained The Meteorological Department has also banned tourists from going to sea for the next two days

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The weather office has forecast heavy rains in East and West Midnapore, 24 Parganas and Nadia districts till next Thursday. The rest of the Gangetic West Bengal districts will also receive light rains till Thursday

Heavy rains are forecast in five upper districts of North Bengal from Thursday to Saturday. The meteorological department has warned of heavy rains in Kochbihar and Jalpaiguri. Southwest winds will be active again from the 12th As a result, there is a possibility of rain in North Bengal and North Eastern States However, the weather in South Bengal will gradually dry up from Thursday

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