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Is anyone known to be involved in the murder of mother and son in Behala porn? Investigators are currently speculating in the preliminary investigation. However, there are several questions. Tapan Mandal, a private bank employee by profession, returned to the flat around 8 pm on Monday. The bloody bodies of son Tamjit (13) and wife Sushmita (45) were lying in two rooms of the flat. The door to the flat was also open. Tapan Mandal claimed that the door opened with a little push. Meanwhile, when he came to teach Tamojit and saw the door closed, he went back to the private tutor as he did not respond by shouting. And here is the suspicion of the police. Why couldn’t the tutor open the door that Tapan Mandal pushed a little!

Police found out that the key to the main gate below was with Tapan Babu and his wife. Tapan Mandal did not take the common key yesterday. It was found in the flat. He forgot to explain in front of the police. Investigators are looking into why Tapanbabu did not take the common key on Monday! Investigators are almost certain that someone they know is involved. Because when a stranger came, the family members would talk from outside. The same is known in the statements of the neighbors. The assassin used a duplicate key. Guess the police. Because the police did not find any evidence of forcible entry into the house. There are signs of looting around the house. However, there are doubts as to whether it is to confuse the police.

Tamojit, a 13-year-old boy, was wearing a school dress. That is, he was killed during or after the online class. Tamojit used to take online classes with his mother’s phone. That phone is missing. The police are also wondering why the assassin took the phone. If so, is there any information hidden in that phone! Police estimate that the mother and son may have been killed between noon and noon on Monday. The question in the minds of the investigators, the throat was cut, no one could hear the screams! So the mother and son were made unconscious by eating something before the murder? All in all, there are still some missing links in this case. Police are desperately trying to find them.

-Reporter Amit Sarkar

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