#Kolkata: Babul Supriya of Baliganj was sworn in as MLA on Wednesday after many riots. After that oath, Babul attacked the opposition from the press conference. “The opposition can tell me whatever they want,” Babul said. But now I am the people’s representative, I am the MLA of all. Now the world is small. I am getting help from everyone. ‘

Babul expressed his views on the role of BJP starting from Asansol. Babul said, “I will not miss Asansol. I have known Shatrughan Sinha for a long time. I will be able to work hard. People did not vote for BJP there. Even after talking, I was put on the star preacher list. I almost quit politics then. But Didi brought me. “

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Attacking the opposition, he said, “I have repeatedly felt that Bengal has been wronged.” My main goal now is to work for Bengal. I enjoy the workload. Attacking Amit Shah’s visit to Bengal, Babul Supriya said the way the body was detained in Kashipur. He is talking about the CBI investigation even before the autopsy. He should have said, first do an autopsy, then see what happens. He is influencing the agency.

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