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#Kolkata: BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal claims to be Man of the Match after losing more than 56,000 votes in Bhabanipur By Election. The BJP candidate from Bhabanipur thinks it is a great achievement to get more than 25,000 votes by fighting against Mamata Banerjee.

Reacting to ANI, Priyanka Tibrewal said, “I am the man of the match in this game. Because Mamata Banerjee’s Khastalu fought against her and I got more than 25,000 votes I will continue to work. ‘ Mamata Banerjee has won the Bhabanipur By-Election by a record margin. But Priyanka Tibrewal wants to prove that she is not breaking even at a large margin.

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However, the BJP candidate has expressed frustration over the role of his organization after the defeat He said, “In an election, only one candidate wins, not loses.” It all depends on his organization We have to admit that our organization was weak in Bhabanipur.

In Bhabanipur, the BJP’s goal was to close the gap on Mamata Banerjee’s victory. However, the BJP’s plan did not succeed The Chief Minister has won against Priyanka Tibrewal by 56,835 votes

After the defeat, however, Priyanka Tibrewal complained that the Trinamool had also rigged the Bhabanipur polls. The BJP candidate said, ‘Trinamool organization means rigging The same has happened in Bhabanipur If that is the strength of the organization, then I would say I do not need such an organization.

The BJP is also looking for solace in Priyanka’s fight after the results of the Bhabanipur polls were announced. The party’s state president Sukant Majumder also claimed that Priyanka Tibrewal had fought well in Bhabanipur.

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