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‘I am very happy’, thanks Chief Minister Abhijit Gangopadhyay – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: A few days ago, Soma Das, a SSC job seeker with cancer, joined the Birbhum school as a Bengali teacher. Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay thanked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while sitting in the High Court this time for getting Soma’s job. The state government has been embarrassed in recent times by the multiple directives of Justice Ganguly.

On that day, Justice Gangopadhyay said, ‘I made a request. I asked the top government officials to consider. I learned that Soma had joined the school. I thank the Chief Minister for making it effective. I am very happy. ‘

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Soma, who passed SSC in 2016, became one of the faces of the SSC job seekers’ movement in the state. Justice Abhijit Ganguly had recommended to the government to consider Soma’s case separately as she was suffering from cancer. After that Nabanna 7 is active A few days ago, she joined Mathura High School in Nalhati as a Bengali teacher Soma also thanked Justice Gangopadhyay for being by her side after she joined as a teacher

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Justice Abhijit Ganguly has directed the CBI to probe the SSC recruitment corruption case. Minister Perth Chatterjee and Paresh Adhikari had to face the CBI on his instructions At the moment, however, he has been removed from the responsibility of judging SSC related cases

At the initiative of Justice Gangopadhyay, it has been possible to give an indigenous student secondary examination. State lawyer Supriya Chatterjee told the court on the same day that after studying in the dormitory for only three months, the student got 75 percent marks in the secondary examination this time. Hearing this, the judge commented, ‘Is that so? Great. It is good to hear this news today. I want to talk to the student in the court. Bring him on the next hearing day. ‘

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