#Kolkata: The vote has been won. Trinamool has won the Lok Sabha elections for the first time in Asansol constituency. Saturday is significant for the grassroots in all respects. On the same day in the afternoon, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to worship at the Kalighat temple. Leaving Pujo, he said, “I will appeal to everyone to walk in peace and harmony. We have to make sure that the high school candidates can sit for the exams well. It is good to see that people have so much confidence in us despite the CPM, BJP and propaganda.” That is why I came to pay my respects to the people. Asansol has not only won, it has won by record votes. I will tell the common people of the state and the country, believe us, trust us. Care must be taken not to spread confusion.

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Trinamool leader and state chief minister Mamata Banerjee retweeted the results shortly after noon on Saturday. Mamata took to Twitter on Saturday to express her views on the results of the vote.

Mamata wrote, ‘Congratulations to all the voters for winning the Trinamool candidates in Asansol and Baliganj. Congratulations to our mother-land-people government for giving us this warm New Year’s gift. Salute to our voters that they have been able to rely on us.

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BJP has collapsed in Asansol and Baliganj. Gerua Shibir has reached the third place in Baliganj. The number of votes has decreased a lot compared to the assembly elections. In Baliganj, Babul Supriya has won by more than 19,000 votes. In Asansol, on the other hand, Trinamool candidate Shatrughan Sinha won by two lakh votes. All in all, the by-elections have caused a green storm in Bengal. And so Mamata responded this time.

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