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#Kolkata: BJP-6 is on its way to demand reduction in petrol and diesel prices The state government has also started a movement demanding reduction of VAT on petrol and diesel. Standing in the assembly on the same day, the Chief Minister (Mamata Banerjee) retaliated by saying that the price of petrol and diesel has been reduced in view of the Uttar Pradesh elections. The counter-claim of the Chief Minister is that the huge amount of revenue collected by the Central Government from petrol-diesel and cooking gas is shared among the states by the Center (Mamata Banerjee on Petrol Diesel Price).

A few days ago, the central government reduced the tariff on petrol and diesel Since then, several BJP-ruled states have reduced VAT on petrol and diesel. Congress-ruled states like Punjab have also taken steps to reduce prices There are also elections next year

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On this day, the Chief Minister is on the path of retaliating against the central government and the BJP for reducing the price of petrol and diesel. He alleged that the BJP’s strategy was to increase prices continuously and reduce prices during elections. The Chief Minister said, ‘He has not done anything, he is not doing it I don’t know about the movement It has earned Rs 4 lakh crore by selling petrol, diesel and cooking gas Distribute four lakh crore rupees to all the states They will increase and the states will have to pay everything Why cut four lakh crore people’s pockets? ‘

Recalling the Uttar Pradesh elections, the Chief Minister said, If the price of diesel goes up, then the price of vegetables will go up.

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So far, the Trinamool Congress has been vocal in demanding reduction in fuel prices After reducing the center price, this time the BJP is on the way to put the same pressure on the state government On Monday, the BJP state leadership called for a procession in Kolkata demanding reduction of VAT on petrol and diesel. Although the police did not allow the procession However, the BJP leaders have made it clear that their movement will continue with this demand

However, the chief minister made it clear on Monday that it was not possible for the state to make any further concessions Even on this day, the Chief Minister blamed the Center and said, “I will not pay for vaccination.” Standing in the assembly on the same day, the Chief Minister made it clear that the state would not bow to the BJP’s pressure tactics to reduce petrol and diesel prices.

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