#Kolkata: The country’s economy is being ruined But without looking at it, the central government is trying to take everything into its own hands, diverting people’s attention. The BJP is also trying to tarnish his image by making the video viral This was stated by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee while addressing a press conference from Navanna on this day. Mamata warns, “I know how to use a mobile phone when it comes to putting ink on my sari.”

Opposition parties, including the BJP, have repeatedly voiced concern over the recent incidents in the state, including Rampurhat Violence. The state BJP leaders have also started talks in Delhi Along with this, the BJP has repeatedly pointed fingers at the state on various issues like coal smuggling and cattle smuggling.

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On the same day, Mamata Banerjee said, “The country’s economy is coming to an end and they are conspiring at home. All opposition states should unite Different incidents are happening in different places And seeing all that, people are dancing like crazy without thinking Many false things are going viral so that the society, the country is harmed But whether it is true or false, no one is thinking about how Mamata Banerjee’s sari can be sprinkled with ink. I know how to pour ink on my sari Despite not playing with colors. ‘

The Chief Minister further warned, “I will kill someone and carry out an operation to exhume the body. Forbid them to do this.” The BJP is fooling you and the CPM is cheating you.

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The Chief Minister further said, ‘Cows are coming from Madhya Pradesh Coal trucks are coming from Uttar Pradesh Going through our kingdom The source is in another state, we do not have that ED, CBI, BSFO are not in our hands Our STF has found an arms factory at Dumka near the Jharkhand border.

The Chief Minister further complained that the price of petrol and diesel has gone up 11 times in the last 13 days The price of cooking gas has gone up The Chief Minister repeatedly expressed concern over the poor state of the country’s economy According to him, the central government should immediately hold talks with all parties The Chief Minister alleged that the BJP was causing various incidents to divert people’s attention from the economic situation of the country

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