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‘I want to go to her,’ says Manjusha – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Pallabi, Manjusha recruiter this time after Bidisha! One after another, the hanging bodies of actresses and models have been recovered. Manjusha’s hanging body was recovered from Patuli’s house around 6.30 pm on Friday. According to family sources, the deceased returned from a bridal shoot on Thursday. Her husband Ramnath came to Bandyopadhyay to pick up Patuli’s father’s house. But Manjusha did not want to go with her husband. Ramnath returned to Behala’s house. Manjusha said to her mother, ‘Bidisha has done exactly what she did. I want to go to him. ‘

His mother claimed that his daughter Vidisha had become mentally exhausted after her death. On Friday morning, family members went upstairs to a three-story house and found the door wet. Family members call on nearby residents. Report to police. Police recovered the hanging body and sent it for autopsy. It will be known after the autopsy whether the death was due to leak or not. Police have launched an investigation into the unusual death case. Her family claims she has been modeling for seven years. He has acted in several crime thriller serials. Wanted to be established quickly. What is exhaustion for him? According to police sources, no suicide note was found. The family of the deceased claimed that there was no problem with the husband and wife.

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Manjusha Goriya studied at Harimati Devi Girls High School and then passed out in Andrews. There was study of science. His father worked in the government. One brother is a high school student. According to family sources, Manjusha’s husband Ramnath runs a business in Bandyopadhyay and does photography. Manjusha talks to model photographer Ramanath for professional reasons. After that he got married six months ago. The husband is older than Manjusha, so the girl’s family objected at first but later accepted.

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The Manjusha family has been living in Patuli’s house for 20 years. The aunt of the deceased claimed, “Manjusha’s husband is good. Manjusha wanted early success in her career. She used to model for 6-7 years. She used to talk to her mother about her death after Vidisha’s death. She did what she did. There are no complaints against her husband.” Although the husband was interrogated at Patuli police station for a long time. The family of the deceased claimed, “Manjusha used to think about her career.

Neighbors claim, “Manjusha also spoke from the roof on Thursday. Suddenly, they did not think so. Then why this incident? Death due to mental exhaustion or relationship or any other reason? The hanging bodies of the Pallabi were recovered a few days ago. The hanging body of rising model Bidisha De Majumdar was recovered on Wednesday. The relationship between the two deaths dragged behind! What are the hidden reasons in the case of Manjusha?


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