#Kolkata: They are fighting in politics. In the field of politics, they have repeatedly thrown words at each other. What’s in it! BJP MP Dilip Ghosh and Trinamool MP Dola Sen were seen in a good mood as they were suddenly seen at the book fair. Dilip Ghosh went to Kolkata Book Fair 2022 on the occasion of inauguration of Janbarta stall on Tuesday. On the other hand, MP Dola Sen was present at the Jagobangla stall. Suddenly they met.

Former state BJP president Dilip Ghosh inaugurated the Janbarta stall number 245 of the book fair on Tuesday. He later visited the stall of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Jagobangla’s stall fell on the way. There was a swing. This time Jagobangla’s stall has been set up keeping in mind Lakshmi’s Bhandar project. Folk songs have been arranged in this bar as usual in the attractive stalls. On the way, he saw Dilip, swinging in the stall.

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Dilip shook hands at that time. Said, swing, hello. Seeing Dilip, Dola came forward. Invited to come to the stall. But today Dilip had a packed program at the book fair. So Dilip countered, not today, I will come another day. One day I will come to listen to your song. Dolao said with a smile, of course. The unique picture of political courtesy is created at the moment.

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Later, in private, Dilip Ghosh said, “Maybe we are members of two opposition political parties.” However, due to being an MP, I have had conversations with Dola Sen outside politics as well. I think it is everyone’s duty to maintain general courtesy. Even though he is a man of my opposition politics, he has spoken today from the place of that courtesy.

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