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#Kolkata: Durga Puja 2021 Restrictions in Mandap (Durga Puja 2021 Restrictions in Mandap). Once again, during the coronavirus epidemic, idols cannot be seen in any mandapa during the Durgotsab. Visitors must visit the idol from outside the mandapa (Durga Puja 2021 Restrictions in Mandap). The state told the Kolkata High Court on Friday that it would not object to the order to keep no-entry in the mandapa. Similarly, the High Court has again identified all the mandapas of Durga and Kalipujo as ‘no-entry’ zones (Durga Puja 2021 Restrictions in Mandap).

Like last time, this year too, there is a ‘no entry zone’ in the pujo mandapas, the Calcutta High Court directed on Friday. The Advocate General on behalf of the state told the court that there would be no objection to the order to keep the Pujo Mandap No Entry Zone. A division bench of the Acting Chief Justice then passed the order. As a result, this year’s Durga Pujo is going to be Kali Pujo in a mandapa without spectators. Even outside the mandapa, corona rules have to be followed. Masks and physical distance must be maintained.

Last year, for exactly the same reason, the court banned visitors from entering the mandapa, citing Corona’s extreme circumstances. A division bench of the Acting Chief Justice passed the order. There is no entry in the mandapa this time as per the request to continue the instructions given on October 19 and 21 last year. As a result, the mandapa of Kalipujo from Durgapujo is going to be without visitors this time as well.

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Yesterday, the state government extended the ban on corona epidemic control in the state till October 30 However, there is no night curfew for Durga Puja (Durga Puja 2021) and the festive season from October 10 to 20 (Night Curfew relaxed in West Bengal for Durga Puja). The administration issued a notification on this day However, the state administration has not yet given clearance for the launch of local trains (New Covid 19 Guidelines in West Bengal). Only 10 to 20 October from 11pm to 5am there will be no obstruction to the movement of normal people and vehicles.

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