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‘If you have information that you have got a job for money and Divya is working!’ Dilip tweeted with his email id


#Kolkata: The big news in the state now is recruitment corruption. Fighting state politics. Allegations of getting a job in exchange for money are being submitted to the court. The CBI is also investigating. Many have lost their jobs. Meanwhile, BJP vice-president Dilip Ghosh’s tweet made a new fuss. Dilip Ghosh tweeted on his Twitter handle today that if anyone has any information about getting a job for money, they should send that information to him by email.

Tolpar state in the 2014 Tate corruption case under the direction of the Calcutta High Court. 279 people have lost their jobs due to unjustified employment. On the same day, Dilip Ghosh claimed in a tweet, ‘The list includes the name of Rinku Ghosh, wife of Apurba Ghosh, councilor of ward 34 of Kharagpur. He used to work in primary school. Referring to the issue, Dilip Ghosh wrote in his tweet that if any such illegal appointment has been made, the information should be mailed to him in a specific mail ID.

Many have already gone to work, including the daughter of Minister Paresh Adhikari, as per the court order. Meanwhile, Dilip Ghosh’s tweet. Opposition has taken to the field against the ruling party and the government on the issue of teacher recruitment corruption. Opposition left and right parties are bombarded with one allegation after another. Meanwhile, this time the tweet of BJP’s all-India vice-president Dilip Ghosh made a new noise. Dilip Ghosh wrote on his official Twitter account on Friday: He also gave his email ID. [email protected] Asked to mail to this ID

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