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If you want to organize a concert in the city, you have to follow a set of rules, start thinking about KMD – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: After the accident at the rowing club, the administration announced a set of rules or SOPs. This time KMDA is thinking of making a bunch of SPOs or rules for organizing concerts after KK’s party at Nazrul Mancha. That is what KMDA chairman Firhad Hakim said on Friday.

What kind of rules is KMDA thinking about? Musician Anupam Roy has a show on Nazrul Mancha on Friday. She will sing at a private college fest. Before that show, the organizers had to follow a set of guidelines. According to the police, a doctor should always have an ambulance. In addition, as much seat capacity as possible, that is, as many people as possible can be entered in the audience. The ambulance and the doctor who will be there must have the phone number of the police. Besides, the administration is also conducting a search at the gate so that no one can enter with separate drugs.

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KMDA is thinking of creating SOP in that style. Firhad Hakim said, SOP will be made in the same way as SOP has been made in Rowing Club. Who is the artist, whether the police have permission, if there is a big artist (where there is a possibility of extra crowd) an ambulance should be kept, what to do if there is a small event, what to do if there is an overnight concert, these will be fixed.

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Authorities marked the stamps on the tickets at the Netaji Indoor Stadium, which held 7,000 people. You can enter only on that marked ticket. The administration is also considering introducing such rules in places under KMDA. In addition, if there is a college event, the permission of the principal of the college or institution has to be taken there. The visitors will also have to be informed. The police system will be accordingly. You have to have a doctor and an ambulance. KMDA is still thinking about this whole rule. However, Firhad Hakim reiterated that there was no direct link between KK’s death and the management of Nazrul Mancha. He died ill. However, the administration wants to maintain these issues.

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