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In 23 days the patient wears 191 underwear and the bill is 30 thousand! Salt Lake Amri Hospital in Kathgarh


#Kolkata: The cost of underwear in the hospital in 23 days is more than 30 thousand Yes, that’s right. Salt Lake’s Amri Hospital has passed such a bill to the family of one patient. This is not the end, it is alleged that by cheating the patient’s family in the name of discount by increasing the entire medical bill and reducing some money from there. The State Health Regulatory Commission has warned the authorities of this private hospital in Salt Lake about the full incident.

Sunanda Khandelwal, 56, was admitted to Salt Lake Amri Hospital with co-morbidity. After his death, the family members approached the commission with several allegations. His hearing was on Monday at the Health Commission. The family complained that the extra bill was for treatment. Health regulatory commission officials scrutinized the bill and raised eyebrows! The woman has been given 191 underwear in 23 days. After the death of the patient, 6 underwear was returned and more than 30 thousand rupees was billed only for underwear and diapers.

Bill of innerware is 30 thousand for patient admitted for 23 days Bill of innerware is 30 thousand for patient admitted for 23 days

Not only this, after checking the copy of the bill, the Health Regulatory Commission noticed that no advisory of the Health Commission has been accepted in the bill, but the money has been increased and reduced in the name of discount. The fame of the officials of this hospital does not end here either. As the relatives of the patient approached the Health Regulatory Commission against the hospital, they were called and told that a discount of Tk 60,000 was given.

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Complaints were made in the name of the Health Regulatory Commission. The whole matter was then reported to the Health Commission via e-mail by the family of the late Sunanda Khandelwal. The Health Commission today reprimanded Salt Lake AMRI Hospital for passing judgment in the case.

Former Justice Asim Kumar Bandopadhyay, chairman of the commission, warned that the commission would not hesitate to inflict severe punishment in the coming days if the bill was not complied with. On this day, however, an official of the hospital apologized to the commission. Amri Salt Lake Hospital authorities said they would immediately comply with the commission’s advisory bill.

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