1.      As a performing artist, how was the global pandemic for you? Did the global pandemic and lock-down in any way leave its mark on the new album?

There’s a lot of material that I personally worked upon during the pandemic. I am a music producer first and a performer second. So, of course, being at home, there was a lot of time for ideation and creation. Yeah, there has been a great bit of relearning and unlearning for me during this phase which reflected in my music. 

2.      What is your opinion on NH7 Weekender providing a platform for various independent artists from across the globe? How do you think it will help the artists, especially given the last two performance-less years?

NH7 is a great platform for artists to showcase their craft in its purest form. I’ve been an attendee as well quite a few times – I know that feeling very well. It’s a different feeling altogether. The performance-less years cannot be fixed or repaired. They only make an artist more oiled and refined to know how to take control over the surroundings when the world cannot. 

3. What’s your line up for Kolkata?

Tons of Kreon originals & heavy chunks of Baile Funk, Bass & Hip-Hop! 

4. Do you have any special memories attached to the city?

I’ve never been to Kolkata before – this will be my first time being in the city! Can’t wait to hog on some macchi! 

5. Any comments about upcoming trends in music/culture in India?

Trends are made for consumers to engage and form perspectives. Depending on one’s perspective, as long as any trend is uniting people for the betterment of those around them, I’m always supporting that bit!

6. Tell us about your future plans/upcoming albums etc.

Bunch of original tunes + edits for this year! Working and refining upon my first album which entails a bunch of sick names in the scene from Indie pop artists to fiery hip hop acts. 

7. Your career as an indie artist has gone from strength to strength but which achievement is the closest to your heart?

I’d say my first track on Majestic Casual was special for a boy who was 12 years old listening to Bondax on an iPod! To being on the same label, yeah that!


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