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#Kolkata: The State Election Commission does not have sufficient number of EVMs Therefore, it is not possible to vote in all the municipalities of the state at once (West Bengal Civic Polls) The State Election Commission submitted the affidavit to the Calcutta High Court on the same day.

Based on the commission’s discussions with the state government, it has been decided so far that pre-polls will be held on December 19 in Kolkata and Howrah municipalities. But the BJP approached the Calcutta High Court seeking a joint vote in 112 municipalities in the state. On the same day, the State Election Commission submitted an affidavit to the High Court in the same case

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In the affidavit, the commission said that in the 112 municipalities of the state which are currently in arrears, 30,163 EVMs are required for simultaneous voting. But the commission has 15.8 EVMs As a result, it is not possible to vote in all the municipalities at once Because 699 EVMs will be required for voting in 144 wards of Kolkata Municipality alone. With the remaining number of EVMs in the hands of the commission, it will be possible to hold the Howrah municipal polls with Kolkata. However, the commission did not say in its affidavit whether the polls would be held in Kolkata and Howrah on December 19. It is clear from the commission’s affidavit today that they have plans to hold polls in all the municipalities of the state in multiple phases.

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State Prime Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya said, “The Central Election Commission has held the state assembly by-elections in multiple phases. Similarly, the state government and the state election commission have decided to hold a referendum in multiple phases.

BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh said, “We want all the municipalities to vote together and the people to get proper service. In order to protect the democratic rights of the people of West Bengal, all the municipalities should vote together We have made this application in the High Court The grassroots have also spoken out.

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