#Kolkata: Prabir Ghoshal, the BJP candidate from Uttarpara constituency in the last assembly elections, fired at the state BJP again. On Thursday, Trinamool spokesperson Jago Bangla sharply criticized the Padma Ful Shibir. ‘State BJP’s Musalparba. Civil arson or civil war. ‘ He wrote an article on this subject. “There’s a picnic party at the Indian circus party right now. There’s a sparrow feast in the Musalla. It looks like the last petal of the lotus in the state is just a matter of time. The Shatdal camp is in a state of disrepair,” he said.

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With this, he attacked the Padma Shibir of Bengal. In the last assembly elections, the BJP candidate mentioned in his report, “The burning season started when the BJP candidate was elected in the Assembly polls. It is unprecedented in Bengali politics. Such a mess? ” Prabir Ghoshal has raised that question in his report. Even before this, several reports against the BJP have come up in the mouthpiece of the Trinamool, in the pen of the BJP candidate. There are several questions within the BJP about that. And the ruling party wants to explain the experience of the BJP candidate in this report. In recent times, several BJP leaders have left the WhatsApp group. Separate meeting of the agitated camp. There has been a lot of interest in the political arena about organizing a picnic for the leaders of that camp.

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According to the Trinamool Shibir, the BJP was able to contain their infighting first. They will criticize the ruling party next time. In the meantime, the twin flower camps have started using the multiple statements of the Tathagata verdict as a tool. Prabir Ghoshal has thrown that question in the report published in Jago Bangla. He wrote, “What can be said about the current situation of BJP in Bengal? Or should the prediction of Tathagata verdict be accepted, Padmaful is dying in this state? These questions can be argued. According to some of the party’s senior leaders, the party did not see such misery even when the BJP got 7-8% of the vote in the state. Incidentally, even before the Kolkata pre-poll, the BJP candidate from Uttarpara had written in the mouthpiece of the Trinamool, referring to the BJP’s situation as a ‘circus party’.

Abir Ghosal

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