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In the state of Omicron panic, the number of victims did not increase! Kolkata most advanced – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: After Karnataka, the discovery of Omicron, a new form of corona in Gujarat, has caused concern. Recently, in the panic of ‘Omicron’, the center was putting a lot of emphasis on corona testing of passengers coming from certain countries. Emphasis is also placed on genome sequencing. And in that genome sequencing, the ‘Omicron’ variant was first caught on the bodies of two people from Karnataka. And today this new strain is caught in the body of a person from Gujarat. Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) had warned about this omicron. The Union Ministry of Health has again warned all the states about the new form of corona virus ‘Omicron’ identified in South Africa. However, in the meantime, the number of WB Crorona updates in the state has increased slightly since yesterday. However, with some relief, the death toll has come down a bit in the state today.

Corona infestations have been on the rise in the state for several days, with more than 800 cases per day. Yesterday, the number of corona cases was reduced to 607 people. Today it has increased slightly to 621 people. The number of deaths due to corona was 13 yesterday, it has come down to 11 today. Today the number of recoveries was higher. Today, 624 people have recovered from Corona. At present, the number of active corona patients in the state has come down from 8,000 to 6,656. However, raising concerns, only 40,382 corona tests have been performed in the last 24 hours across the state, of which 621 corona positive (WB Crorona update).

The corona positivity rate in the state has risen slightly to 1.54% from 1.51% yesterday. A section of the medical community in the state (WB Crorona update) says that while it has been repeatedly said that more corona tests should be done, there are now fewer corona tests being performed in the state and as a result the number of cases is much lower. .

Although the number of corona cases in the state has come down a lot, no other district has been able to surpass the record of corona cases in Kolkata. In Kolkata, the number of corona cases is highest every day. In the last 24 hours, 175 people have been infected with corona in Kolkata. And 4 people died. On the other hand, 91 people have been infected with corona in North 24 Parganas district since yesterday and 4 people have died in corona.

In Howrah district near Kolkata, the number of infected people has increased to 45, with one death. South 24 Parganas district is not far behind. There, 50 people were infected with corona and 1 died there. On the other hand, in Hooghly district too, 50 people have been infected with corona since yesterday. Today in Nadia district again 24 people have been infected with corona which is slightly higher than the previous day. However, the number of people infected with corona in West Burdwan district increased to 26 yesterday. Hopefully, the number of corona cases in West Burdwan has come down to 14 today. However, the number of Corona victims has increased to 18 in Bankura district. Apart from Kolkata, Howrah, North 24 Parganas and South 24 Parganas in the whole of South Bengal, no other district was affected by Corona on this day.

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However, the situation is much better in the districts of North Bengal than in South Bengal. Two days ago, the number of corona attacks in the districts of North Bengal increased a lot, but since yesterday it has been under control, and today is no exception. Today, in Darjeeling district of North Bengal, the highest number of 26 corona cases has been reported. On the other hand, the number of victims in Kochbihar district has increased to 15 after this. In South Dinajpur district, where 26 people were affected by corona last day, it has come down to 10 today. On the other hand, the number of corona cases in Malda district has risen to 13 today. However, the number of people affected by Kalimpong has suddenly increased to 6 on this day.

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Today, Jhargram in South Bengal has the lowest incidence of corona in the state. Only one corona has been infected there today. Since then, four corona have been attacked in Purulia district. On the other hand, 3 people in Alipurduar district of North Bengal and 5 people in North Dinajpur district have been infected with corona.

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